Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Simple Baby Headband

Have you ever noticed that everything baby is SOOO much cuter?  Well I have and I know this is my second baby headband post, but when you have an adorable little niece like this- can you really blame me? She's making me a little baby hungry and since someday I'm hoping to have a cute little girl of my own, I figure there's nothing wrong with practicing bow making now!

I LOVE all the flowers and bows that little girls have in their hair, but my sister tends to like things a little more simpler. Plus this little miss has such an adorable face that it would be a shame to take away from that chubby cuteness with a big extravagant bows (don't get me wrong she does wear them and they look adorable but sometimes simple is better).   I had some elastic that I've been meaning to turn into headbands so I figured I would experiment and see if I could come up with a simple bow headband.  The turquoise bow you see in the picture above is what I came up with, and just because she is soooo cute here's another picture.
 Now I can't help you get a baby this cute, but I can show you how I made the headband.  You won't believe how easy it is.

Easy Bow Headband
What you need:
  • Elastic (you can buy good headband elastic on etsy)
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
Step 1: Determine what size headband you need and draw a line on the elastic.  Here's a quick headband sizing guide
  • Newborn ~ 12 inches
  • 0-6 months~ 13 inches
  • 6-12 months~14 inches
  • 12-18 months ~15 inches
  • 18-24 months ~16 inches
You can also measure the baby's head and then minus 1/2 inch.  I marked my elastic at 12.5 inches.  Once you've made a mark, add 4 inches and then cut.  For example my elastic totaled 16.5 inches long.  
Step 2: Now cut a 2 inch piece of elastic. 
Step 3: Heat up your hot glue gun.  With your long strip of elastic, find the mark you made for the actual headband size.  Mine was at 12.5 inches.  Put a small dot of glue onto the mark and then glue down the long end of the elastic, creating the actual headband.  My elastic had a shiny and a dull side, if this is the case make sure the shiny side is facing out.
Step 4:  Now that the headband portion is done, it is time to create the bow.  Create another circle with the extra four inches, by gluing the end of the elastic to the joint of the headband. Your headband should look like this.
Step 5: Apply a small dot of glue to the joint of the small loop and push the top middle of the loop into the glue to create the bow.
Step 6: Wrap the center of the bow with the 2 inch strip of elastic. To do this glue the center of the 2 inch elastic to the middle of the bow, wrap around to the back and glue both ends.
That's it- now you have a simple little bow to put on any cute chubby face.
I hope you enjoy this tutorial.  Let me know if you have any questions, or if my tutorial doesn't make sense:
Thanks~ Bobbi


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  2. What size elastic do you use (width)? Thanks!

    adamandem at yahoo dot com

  3. Emily-I use 3/4". I bought mine from Pick your Plum when they had them on sale, but I've also found them on etsy. The elastic is called 'fold over elastic'.

  4. Just made a bunch of these! The instructions were great and these were so easy! Thanks

  5. Are those the measurements of what the elastic should be when you cut it or when it is glued together? For example, should I cut the elastic to 13" or 13.5" (leaving a seam allowance) for a 0-6 mo. band?


    1. Those measurements are approximates and if you can I would recommend measuring the child's head. However they do include the seam allowance :)

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  10. Hi!

    I'm doing a round-up of DIY headband tutorials at Spoonful (Disney's craft and cooking site) and wondered if I could include this one. I'd just use one picture and link back to your blog for the full instructions.

    Thanks so much!

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  12. Is the 2 inch separate from the 16.5 inches? (using your exact measurements) Or does is cute off the 16.5 inch piece

  13. Is the 2 inch separate from the 16.5 inches? (using your exact measurements) Or does IT GET CUT off the 16.5 inch piece

    Sorry! lol

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  15. Thank you for posting the sizing! I am making a present for a friend and don't have any infants around that I could measure. :)

  16. OMG simply adorable! :) Great job! Jen @ www.sweetbabybowtique.com

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