Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reasons Why I Love You-Gift Idea

Nathan and I agreed that we did not want Valentine's Day to be about presents, and we wanted to do thoughtful gifts. This is easier said than done. I spent days trying to come up with an idea and then I thought of this:

A basket of "A Few Reasons Why I Love You...". I purposely put the word 'few', if it wasn't for our budget I may have done 'all' the reasons. Then I had to use my creativity (meaning I called my mom) for help with coming up with treats to attach each reason to. Here's what we came up with :

Reasons Why I Love You…

  • I love the way you cuddle with me. You make me feel safe in your arms. (Gummy Bears)
  • I love the way you make me laugh even if you’re being cheesy. (Cheesecake)
  • I love the way you take care of me. (massage oil)
  • I love how excited I am to come home to you every night. (Sparkling apple cider)
  • Everything about you makes me know that we were meant to be together. (Peanut Butter & Chocolate - Reeses)
  • I’m so excited for the adventures we get to share. (Muppet's Treasure Island)

I of course made the Red Velvet Cheesecake and it was to die for - maybe I'll share the recipe sometime.


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